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As preexisting DC-only Testers only measure Static DC, they cannot initialize device while running Power Up Sequence or Pattern or measure current after entering certain mode. Thus, they have high possibility of Burn-Out or Over Kill in Burn-In.
AIO560 Functional DC Test System is a system developed to solve these problems and perform DC and Function Test during Sorter Index Time to screen DC and Function Fail Device in early states to minimize loss of processes.


  • Compatible with new Devices (DDR3,4, LPDDR3,4, GDDR5, NAND Flash, eMMC etc)
  • 16 DUT Test System
  • Increased Clock Pins and PPS Pins per DUT
  • Decrease in Test Time with Multi PMU on each DUT
  • High Speed Controller
  • New High Speed Interface (with PCI Interface)
  • New PG Board (20MHz, 8X/8Y/4Data Register)
  • Increased Pattern Depth
  • Increase in number of Time set
  • Improved maintenance with the power detached from PC and System
  • Improved flexibility in Device Program with Text Type Compiler